Friday, March 23, 2007


Card Creme you ask??? If you are not a coffee lover the name could sound a little funny. Creme is the wonderfully rich layer of froth that sits on top of an espresso shot. In the photo it is that lovely caramel colored ring around the edge. This Christmas my hubby bought me a Rancillio coffee machine and I must say it is a little piece of heaven! Sorry to you tea drinkers out there. I'm sure if you came to my place I could convert you to the dark rich coffee bean side! Now to sit and enjoy the latte I made. Mmmmmmmm!


Englers said...

hooray sherrie! I am glad to claim the honour of being the first to comment on your new blog.

you really need photoshop if you want to fiddle with text and images. i think even don would agree.

i'll add you to my links so i can brag about my extremely talented, creative, card-savvy sis to all my stamp-it-up friends. i'm sure they'll be by to drool over your creations.

happy blogging!


Englers said...

aw, man! I just realized you have a few comments already. darn it! :)

Jenstamps said...

Sherrie you can always serve up a Chi Tea Latte to your non coffee friends. I never did get the taste for coffee but Chi Tea is my weakness. :)

Rosella said...

Your coffee looks so yummy!

Ticia said...

I love coffee! You can have me over anytime and I'll NEVER ask you for tea!

Sharon in NE said...

The darker and richer the mouth is watering just looking at that.