Friday, February 3, 2012

Vintage Hair Clips and the Melissa Frances Booth!

 Showing off a really fun project today that I did for the new Melissa Frances catalog as well as for their booth display.
HERE is a look at the new catalog! I made my own little vintage hair clips using Melissa Frances Vintage Glass. They turned out SO CUTE! After I was finished creating them I decided that they would be great little gifts/favors and prettied up some packaging.

I used one of the brand new Melissa Frances paper lines! Love the sassy, glamourious women.

To create the clips, I simply used silver bobby pins and tied a flat button on the end. I covered the button with Ranger glossy acccents and then covered them with Vintage Glass. SOOOOO EASY!
 Here are the three colors I chose....but I still really need to do a pink pair and a red pair too!
Below are some shots from the Melissa Frances Booth at CHA.....
 Melissa Frances is going to start carrying some home decor items.....yay! Sweet little baskets and pillows in this shot.
 Every queen needs a these iron and silver ones.
 Now THIS is something I could use with all my travel....nice leather luggage tags and passport holders!
 Some of the glass little colored vintage glass one second from the left.
 Here are my bobbins on display next to the Vintage Glass.
 Sigh.......LOOOK at the new ribbons!
 Can't wait to get my hands on these! Looooove!
 These are fun little memo, photo or card holders....
 The most adorable item of all! These sweet little shabby hangers. These are going to be so nice for my photography of projects but also nice for little displays around the house :)
 Two FABULOUS women in the industry....Melissa Frances and Carolyn Peeler.
Had to get a shot with my Canadian buddy.....Carolyn!
Hope you enjoyed the peek into my last week :)


sharon said...

These are gorgeous! Could you explain what you mean by tying a button on?


Sherrie said...

Hi Sharon, I used some string and tied the button (through the button holes) to the hair bobbin. Tie it in a tight knot and clip the ends of the string short. Do this first before adding the glossy accents and the glass. When you are done you can't see the string on the button as it is covered up with glue and glass :) Hope that clarifies it a little.

sharon said...

Thanks so much!!

Conniecrafter said...

Such a Beautiful booth, so in love with that ribbon!

sharon said...

Is the paper line you used for your hair pins already out? Could you tell me the name of it?

Got my glass in and am trying your pins tonight!


Sherrie said...

Oh how fun Shanon! It is the "C'est La Vie" collection and flashcards from Melissa Frances. Have fun!