Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Fun

Does this photo tell you a lot about my weekend? On friday I mentioned that hubby had a surprise for me and this top photo is a big hint.....
A new coffee grinder! Now, I realize that may not excite most....but for me, I was thrilled! I have had my Rancillio espresso machine for a few years but only had a cheapo burr grinder and over the past few months it really had pretty much stopped grinding....unless I banged it on the countertop REALLY hard.
This is the Rocky grinder made by the same company as my machine. They are made in Italy and are WONDERFUL quality!
This was a great surprise for our anniversary and so selfless of my hubby because he doesn't even drink coffee! I do make him a pretty mean hot chocolate though :)
Another thing we did this weekend...we bought the adorable movie "How to train your dragon". We love this movie and were super delighted in the "extras" on the Blue Ray. There is a segment where the animation artist for "Toothless" shows step by step how to draw him. All of us took out some paper and pencils to try it out. As an avid stamper I don't ever really take the time to draw so this was a VERY stretching exercise for me. We didn't have any soft pencils in the house either so I relied on my prismacolor pencil.....the downside being that I couldn't erase any lines.
It was fun! So if you buy this DVD make sure you check it out!


Jessica Griffin said...

Aw! We rented how to train your dragon this weekend, watched it twice! Think it's going to go on our list of things to purchase. :)

Corey W. said...

I have the SAME espresso machine! and I have an older version of the Rocky :) Mine is doserless and doesn't have that front "container" - we clean it about once every 2 months or it stops grinding - so keep that in mind! enjoy!

Chris said...

I have never seen anyone with the same machine I have! LOVE IT - I've had mine for about 6 years and use it everyday when I'm home. Didn't know they made a grinder - I'll have to look into that. Thanks for the picture!