Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fall Certifications, New Copic Product and Videos!

Go grab a's post is a dooozie!
First of all....the finished card. I will show you how to do all the coloring in the videos below...I have a new camera so I was able to get in closer that you could see a bit better.

Why the new videos?....Because I have NEW paper! Yes, copic released a few brand new products at CHA, one of them being my new favorite paper :)
It is called X-press it Blending Card Stock and it is from our fabulous Australian distributors. Ask for these new products from the stores where you buy your copics as they will be able to order the new paper, masking, and tape products from copic.

Back to the card....After I was done coloring her up I added some great Melissa Frances paper and rub-ons....cute!
Here is a close up of her colored....this is sweet little "Make mine a double" pure innocence image from My Favorite Things.
On to the videos....there are three.

If you would like to see the videos larger then view them directly from youtube and you will get a larger screen.
This first video is the coloring of her skin on the new X-press it blending card stock:

Video #2 Coloring of her dress and hair (one thing I did realize after everything was uploaded is that my camera focused on my tablecloth...therefore the image has a slight blur...sorry bout that, I will pay more attention to that in upcoming videos)

Video #3 New masking product with airbrushing

Here is what is on deck for this upcoming fall....did you see I am going all the way to Halifax! First time for me out in the Atlantic provinces!

(Updated August 3, 2010)

Aug 7th - Lincoln, NE taught by Lori Craig - Open to the public
Aug 21st - Green Bay, WI taught by Debbie Olson - Open to the public
Aug 23rd - Morrow (Atlanta), GA taught by Colleen Schaan - Open to stores & designers
Aug 29th - Albuquerque, NM taught by Jennie Black - Open to stores & designers
Sept 3rd - Branson MO, taught by Lori Craig - Open to stores & designers
Sept 6th - Pittsburg, PA taught by Colleen Schaan - Open to stores & designers
Sept 11 - Oakland, CA taught by Jennie Black - Open to stores & designers
Sept 15th - Covington (New Orleans) LA, taught by Jenn Balcer - Open to stores & designers
Sept 16th - Minneapolis, MN taught by Debbie Olson & Lori Craig - Open to stores & designers
Sep 25th - Salt Lake City, UT taught by Jennie Black - Open to stores & designers
Sep 26th - Calgary, AB taught by Sherrie Siemens - Open to stores & designers
Oct 2nd - Buena Park, CA taught by Jennie Black - Open to stores & designers
If you would like the details and application forms for these events click on THIS LINK.

Applications have NOT gone out yet for the following locations. Applications go out 60 days from the date of the class. Please do not send us an email about locations that are not open yet:


Oct 8th - Jacksonville, FL taught by Colleen Schaan - Opens next week
Nov 8th - Richmond, VA taught by Colleen Schaan -
Nov 14th - Halifax, NS taught by Sherrie Siemens -
Nov 20th - El Paso, TX taught by Jenn Balcer -

Whew! That's it for today!


Lori Craig said...

Excellent videos, Sherrie! Really enjoyed watching you color. :) Darling card! Still not over missing you last week. . . can't wait for October, babe!

Mandi-Lee said...

Hi Sherrie, I have been watching your blog in absolute awe for some months now! Your videos are amazing! I am looking forward to meeting you in October!

Kelley said...

Thank you for the videos! I always enjoy watching others color, hoping to improve my coloring.

Kerry said...

I love the card Sherrie and the videos are fantastic. Could you tell me what # the shading Copic you used on the skin is? Thanks :-D

Sherrie said...

Kerry, I generally grab E21 to shade skin...I find it blends really easy with the E50 base.

Lisa Kind said...

Great tutorials, Sherrie! It's always great to get a refresher course! Love the grass template idea! Another reason to purchase an airbrush!

Unknown said...

Wow, fantastic coloring and tips on your videos..I watched all 3! I am inspired by your work...WOW!

Alice said...

such a sweet card, Sherrie!! thanks for the wonderful videos, too!

Linda Carson said...

The card is adorable! Your videos are always appreciated! Thank you! Loved how you created the grass!

Kerry Johnson said...

Fabulous videos as always Sherrie!! Love your sweet little PI and can't wait to try this new paper!

Unknown said...

Excellent videos Sherrie! Thank you
I'm so happy that yuo're coming to Atlantic Canada!!! I'm in NB, but will travel for that class if it's open to the public...
You'll love NS in fall, but NB is even better! ;) A class in Moncton, NB would be popular, but I hope to see you in NS in November. I have vacation I'm waiting to use and this could be the ticket!

God bless,

Kim said...

I am SO excited to see you are coming to Halifax!!!! We have been trying to get someone here to do Copic Certification and I never thought it would actually happen!! Yeah!!!

Anonymous said...

great Sherrie! Appreciate you sharing your coloring and ideas!
Pam Going Postal