Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday...

Go grab a cuppa....today's post is a long winded one!

I have had fun making flowers lately...especially pins for my cards that you can pull off the card and attach to your favorite headband, totebag, plain sweater, tank top....the possibilities are endless. Lots of you asked for a tutorial on my twill tape flower. This tutorial is basically the same process but using felt and a die cut as well...to make it go quicker!
I love this beautiful new paper from Cosmo Cricket called DeLovely...I was inspired by the flower design in the paper!
Here is what I started with ...I have 5 strips of felt that are all 6" in length. Two are 2" wide. Two are 1.5" wide and the thin strip is .5" wide.
I just found another AWESOME use for these die-namics from MFT!
I used my jumbo scallop die and lined up the edges to my felt to cut a scalloped border.
I cut all the pieces but the last skinny piece.
I used my scissors to snip the petals. I ended up using 6 of the 2" petals and all 8 of the 1.5" petals.
I only had cream colored felt on hand so I airbrushed each petal with YG13, a beautiful bright green....think of all your flower color options when you use the air brush system!
If you don't own a large bottle of Fabri-tac....now is the time to buy some! It is really strong and seems to last forever! I placed a dab of glue at the base of my petal.
I have all these coffee clips from the coffee beans that I buy (Yes, I buy a lot of coffee...but I digress). You could use clothes pins or spare "clip it up" pins to hold your petal while you wait for the glue to dry.
As you can see it would take longer if I had to hold each one as it dried....as well as sticky fingers. This method worked really well.
I cut a scrap piece of felt into a small circle and ran it through my xyron to apply adhesive to the back side. Then, sticky side up, I placed my outer ring in petals.
I repeated this process to form my inner ring with my smaller 1.5" petals.
For the center I took my skinny airbrushed strip and rolled and twisted it in my hand.
I added a generous glob of glue to the tail piece and stuck it to the backside to hold my twisted center together.
Here is a photo of the backside of the center piece.
Once glued into place my flower looks like this!
I do like making these into pins so I fabri-taced (may not be a word) one to the backside of my flower.
Here is a photo of the flower....I did a gate folding card.
I pinned my flower to a small piece of ribbon that I have sticking out of my gate fold. You can see that it would be easily removable.
The quote on this card is beautiful too! It is a set from My Favorite Things called "Clearly Sentimental about Birthdays".
One last note....I did airbrush my little pearls to match too!
You could do these same steps with a lot of different material....I think I need to try a paper bloom too!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!
Have a great day!


Cassie_lu said...

A-MAZ-ING. Thanks for the great tutorial too.

Karen Motz said...

This is wonderful!!! Thanks for the fabulous tutorial!!!

Kerry J. said...

Fabulous Sherrie!! Thanks so much for the tutorial! I can see many ways to use these flowers!

Bethany Paull said...

Your flower is incredible. And so cool that you made it a pin too.

Sophia said...

Thanks for the great tutorial and getting it together so quickly! I love flowers of all kinds, so I always "need" to know how to make the new and different ones. :) These are fabulous!

Cindy Haffner said...

You are so clever!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

Lisa H. said...

how super clever are you?!!!! wow, love this and GREAT-another reason to get the air brush system, lol!

raduse said...

Fantastic tutorial Sherrie!!

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Your creativity amazes me!

Stacy said...

Love it!

Liette alias Pixelle said...

absolutly magnificoooo I adore this flower, you are so creative!!!

Christina Fischer said...

You are brilliant! Love it! :)

Charmaine said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I am so excited to get started on these...gotta get some Fabri-Tac.


Conniecrafter said...

just beautiful, thanks for sharing!

g said...

so gorgeous & what a lovely gift! thanks for another great tutorial!

Bribrie said...

Merci pour ces explications... à tester trés vite !

Kelli said...

Sherrie you are SO stinkin SMART!!!! LOVE this project!!!!! It wasn't THAT long winded ;)