Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Drowning The Birds

Not on purpose! This is what I found when watering my hanging basket. Can you see them all huddled waiting for my watering can deluge? I also took a picture of mommy bird, she was not very impressed with me. I couldn't figure out why this bird was so brave and nattering at me! Now I know. My kids are fascinated with these little ones (they are pretty cute when they are not sopping wet!).
It is finally starting to feel like summer here today. It is my sons' last day of school (he is getting some sort of award). So I am off to enjoy the weather and bask in my sons' achievement....Have a good one!

A little note.....Did you all notice my new banner? Playing in photoshop.


leenda said...

I noticed your new banner. It looks FANTASTIC! I had a family of doves in a hanging basket on the back porch. She had no fear of us since we walked by it daily.

chelemom said...

Love the new banner! I think I am ready for a new one myself....just not sure how to do it!

Alvin & Denise Engler said...

birds in the hanging basket -- that reminds me of the birdsnest at grandpa & grandma hieberts. do you remember that? one of us kids dropped one of the baby birds (or maybe it lept out of our hands) from the deck and we went down, retrieved it, brought it back up in the elevator and put it back. those little birds got a lot of love, as i recall. :)

Laurel said...

What a find! My daughter would love it if we had something like that to observe!