Monday, April 14, 2008

CHF Challenge Chicks

Today is a really fun challenge that the Cornish Heritage Farms girls are playing. We are stating 3 reasons why we love CHF. Only 3?!!!! Well, I went with the ones that came to the top of my head. I had a chance to meet the owners (Richard and Liz) in California at CHA and they are a wonderful family! It means a lot to me to know whom I am supporting with my crafting dollars. OK, on to my list:
1. I love it that we have the option to purchase unmounted deeply etched red rubber! It comes on smart cushion so all I have to do is use my acrylic blocks and I'm all set! This is wonderful because it saves me a lot of money (not paying for wood blocks) and storage space (don't have to lug around said blocks) but I am NOT compromising the quality I get with red rubber. The techniques I can do are endless with rubber.
2. The CHF forum is fantastic! Chalked full of ideas and techniques. It is very educationally orientated and I love to learn new things....this is what keeps this craft so fresh to me. The girls on this team are always willing to share their helpful hints and advice. Did I mention that I (((((heart))))) the design team girls!
3. The variety of images. This is where I want to show you a couple of examples. If you feel like coloring, there are images for Thomas Kinkade, Tom Allen's Friendly Kritters just to name a couple. I colored a small Kinkade vignette below to show you some coloring.
The detail that is achieved in this red rubber is amazing! All I needed to do was add some color with my copics! If I don't feel like coloring I can always just stamp and let my ink be the color. For example below:
This card is made with the Nature Silhouettes and Beautiful. The Cornish images could be describes as ornate, modern, classic, playful, darling.....I could go on.
Here are the CHF girls that are playing along. Click on them and you will find many more reasons why we love CHF!
-Alli Miles
-Julia Stainton
-Kristine Reynolds
-Lisa Silver
-Lesley Langdon
-Dawn Lusk
-Julie Campbell
-Kim Hughes
-Lori Craig
-Lisa Strahl


Conniecrafter said...

Both cards are just beautiful!

Alli Miles said...

Your cards are gorgeous Sherrie. I also loved your response.

Dawn said...

beautiful cards Sherrie... anyone else getting 'teary' reading these?!! lol

Deb said...

Both cards are stunning as usual. I agree I love to purchase the stamps on the red deeply etched rubber without blocks, definitely saves plenty of time and space!

Kristine Reynolds said...

Love all your cards Sherrie!

Julia Stainton said...

Gorgeous cards Sherrie! What a beautiful post!

leenda said...

STUNNING artwork!

Silvergirl said...

Sherrie - You are SO talented and have such a fresh perspective on projects! It's such a pleasure working with you and learning from you!


Lesley said...

Beautiful work, loving that distressing girl! I have much to learn from you, love looking at all the eye candy you share with us daily. :) I'm so glad you joined CHF!

Juanita B said...

BEAUTIFUL cards and AWESOME work, you never fail to amaze me. I agree with you, three reasons is just a drop in the bucket when it comes to reasons to love CHF. TFS.