Thursday, May 31, 2007

And the winner is.....

I did this draw very scientifically! I went over to my hubby and said pick a number between 1 and 95......He said 94! Then he asked what for? I just told him it was my blog candy winner.
So Cheryl S said this

Love your blog. I see you are from questions are do you live in the lower mainland (as I do) and where do you get your 'candy' other words what craft/scrap stores do you shop at locally and on line?
Thanks for the chance to win some 'candy'....hey, you never know.
Cheryl S

Funny I have a sister in law that is a Cheryl S. but this obviously isn't her.
To answer your question Cheryl. The blog candy comes from all over the place. I never seem to shop in only one spot! The paper from a little shop in Florence while I was out there with a Children's choir tour. The coffee from 49th parallel roasters in Vancouver, BC. Locally there is a few wonderful shops. In Langley there are two large LSS stores that I frequent.
I am from Abbotsford, a small town about an hour away from the big city of Vancouver. This is a wonderful place to raise children with great access to good extra cir. activities just love it here!

Cheryl S. can you please e-mail me with your addy so I can get this parcel in the mail tomorrow? You can find my e-mail under my profile. Thanks!

Thank-you to all who participated, I plan to answer all the questions. So glad you took the time to comment so I could get to know some of you better. Thank-you also for supporting me in my blogging world as well. Mwah! Love you all!


mnhyrkas at SCS said...

Congrats to Cheryl. If you want a more "scientific" way of picking, you could try the random number generator at
of course DH is always a good bet as well ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog candy. I am so excited as I have never won any before. Thanks Sherrie for offering the contest. I look forward to getting your package....Cheryl S