Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Copic Technique

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Sympathy cards are not really a "joy" to create but can be good for the soul. This one made with a little copic technique. To get some pretty color on this Thomas Kincade image I added drops of Copic Various Ink to the stamp itself (BV00,G20, T2, BG70 and E31), let it dry and then spritzed lightly with blender solution and stamp. The second step (to get some good detail on this stamp) was to stamp again in the EXACT same spot with natural hybrid ink from MFT.

Embossed sentiment in gold and a little embossing over the edges along with a VERY simple layout for this busy scene.

I am heading to Calgary this weekend! Woohoo...and it looks like I am bringing some BC sunshine along with me....yay! See many of you soon!

More copic classes and details can be found on my Details page or the Copic Website....don't miss out!


Barbara Thompson said...

It's beautiful Sherrie!

MaryH said...

Simply marvelous. Since this must have been a wooden mount stamp, did you use a stamp-a-ma-jig to get the stamp positioned properly for the 2nd stamping? This is something I've not thought of doing. Your fishing image against a sunset, inspired me (long ago) to learn copic airbrush. I wish you most happiness & success in what your next venture is (Just read about it on Marianne's Blog). TFS & Blessings.

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