Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hair Broach

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Since this is "sort of" a scrapbooking item I decided I should put it on my blog. I did my daughter's hair for a Christmas banquet at school and used some of my pretty Melissa Frances supplies for her hair broach. Many of you on facebook have already seen this :) I combined an organza rose with a pearl broach and then ran ribbon through the backside. She had a lovely vintage looking dress to go in....her last year of the Christmas banquet....grade 12.

We are snowed in today....what a treat! It doesn't happen that often so I am grabbing the opportunity to make some hot cocoa for the kids and a coffee for me as we watch it come down.



Alvin & Denise Engler said...

It is *such* a pretty brooch Sherrie! I'm totally impressed. The hairdo is pretty fantastic too -- you'll have to teach me for when Cherith gets old enough to let me "do" her hair. :)

Margaret said...

She's lovely and the hair brooch is just gorgeous!

Conniecrafter said...

It looks great with her dress and your daughter is lovely!
Merry Christmas!