Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Copic Certification Update

Just a little update to let all my Canadian friends know what classes are being offered right now....

Applications are available for:

May 25th (Standard Certification)
May 26th (Intermediate Certification)

June 22nd (Standard Certification)
June 23rd (Intermediate Certification)

Future tentative locations for 2012:
Calgary (November 2,3)

You can find the current applications HERE. Looking forward to seeing you....these weekends are always SO much fun!

Need some markers too? Have you seen that on the copic site that all orders over $99 have free shipping? Yay! HERE is the link to the store.


Thanh Vo said...

Hi Sherrie! Welcome back home. :) Hope you had a great time in Toronto.

Will there be any Fall certifications for the BC peeps; either in Langley or Seattle again?

Sherrie said...

There is going to be one in Portland in October....but nothing else out west here besides Calgary. I will be doing the BC area probably early 2013.

Liz Rempel said...

For those of us who are signed up for the Regina classes, when will we receive more info about supplies, times, etc.

Sherrie said...

I send out an informal letter about a week before the event.

michelle said...

Hi Sherrie,
i had a great time in your class in Toronto May 4th really enjoyed it ! thanks again !!