Monday, April 23, 2012

Creative Chat Copic Storage

 The MFT team is chatting about our copic storage today! Yay! I love to talk about that! Here are my copics nestled in the new copic storage case.

If you are interested in this case then take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING that is at the copic store right now!

It is easy to pull out a color family and move it to my coloring space. They take a prominent place on my desk, right next to my photo tent for my completed projects.

I used to keep all my copics in the plexiglass container that you see on the left.....but I found I was spending MORE time putting my copics away in the right slot than I was actually coloring with them! That just was not working for me!
 Here is an overhead shot of my markers in the case. You can see I have an eclectic mix of Ciao's (the very first markers that I purchased) and Sketch.
 Here is what a single basket looks like. I generally have 2 color families per basket. This is the G and B families.
 I have some of my copic originals stored in that plexiglass container as I don't reach for these quite as often. I use my originals for itty bitty spaces (ie. stems of flowers) and I also use them for airbrushing.
 The bottom half of my plexiglass container is for my various refills.....very handy.
 There is room inside my storage case for this little stainless bucket that house my multiliners.
Last, but not least, are my Atyou Spica pens.....because these need to be stored horizontally I keep them in this copic zipper pouch.

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Ready to see some more awesome storage hints and tips? Check out the rest of the team on the MFT blog! Tomorrow kicks off the start of the MFT teasers....see you then!


Madeleen said...

Hi Sherrie, thanks so much for sharing your Copic ideas. I had a look at the Copic storage bag on the website and they don't specify if those removable 'cups' are included or not?

Lisa H. said...

ahhhhh! beautiful storage. thanks for sharing.

Sherrie said...

Yes Madeleen, they come with the six removable baskets....

Kim said...

Holy moly Sherrie. That is Copic HEAVEN!

Jodi Collins aka Kharmagirl said...

Your storage is AMAZING! LOVE that the baskets are removable...that is SO genius!!

CraftyMomOf2 said...

Jaw dropping Sherrie! I'm in awe!!

Crafty Hugs!

Jenny said...

GLORYLAND!!!!! lol! This was some serious eye-candy Sheri! Thanks for sharing:)

Queen Mary said...

I love that big storage! I'm not there yet but it looks fantastic! I really appreciate when you MFT DT ladies share these creative chats, they are always interesting, I always learn something, and I'm actually starting to feel like I know some of you better! It's very generous of you to share your time with us.