Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cozy Up Sweaters

 Ready for some winter coziness? I am...and I am TOTALLY excited with what I have to share with you today!

These are sweater cozies for some old vases that I have. The smallest one is actually a frappacino jar.
I recycled some sweaters by using the arms of the sweater to cover my vases like a sleeve.

I have included some photos of my process, you know I had to pair up this project with "Knit Happens" from My Favorite Things as well as 3 beautiful flower dies. Let me show you how!....
 Ok, these are the sweaters. The two on the outside are too small for my daughter and the one in the middle I have had for a decade and it needed to be retired. I figured that out when my daughter chose to wear it for "tacky sweater day" at school....groan.
I used the sleeve portion of the sweaters, slipped them over the vases having the finished cuff edge at the top. I then used my pinking sheers near the bottom (left about 2 inches) and then glued it in place to the bottom of the vase.....EASY PEASY!
 The flowers were really fun to make. I wanted them to be in the sweater material to match. First up is the new Loopy Bloom Die-namic Die.
 This sweater cut no problem because it is thin. I added an adhesive strip to the bottom and folded in half (length wise).
 Add another strip of adhesive and roll up your flower.
 This is what it looked like finished.....SQUEAL! I love it!
 Then I got cocky....I decided if my cuttlebug and dies will cut thin sweater, maybe they will cut THICK sweater.....I swear my cuttlebug has never worked harder! All my weight (which is a lot) went into cranking these dies through......
 Voila! Not perfect....but is was the rustic look I was going for anyway.
 Here they are rolled up!
Last, but not least, I have to show you a close shot of my image. I colored her up with my copics to match my sweaters and sewed her onto a tag for my large candle vase.
Hope you have a very wonderful THANKSGIVING (my American friends) and enjoy it with your families.


Jessie/knightrone said... are unbelievable. These are AMAZING....I would have NEVER thought to do something like that, but this is just BRILLIANT!

Shari Green said...

Sherrie; Oh my goodness, you are so SMART! I love this idea, I hope you don't mind but I think I am gonna go through my closet tonight to see if I have some "outdated" sweaters I can chop up! I love your blog and check it out daily to see how you are doing :) Thank you for sharing.

Gabby said...

TOTALLY cool and clever! These sweater covered vases w/neat trim are awesome! :)

texasjodylynn said...

How COOL, Sherrie. I LOVE this! Very innovative!

Nancy said...

What a wonderful idea and it looks like so much fun as well as beautiful :) TFS

stamps&cars said...

What a wonderful way to winter-up your vases! LOVE what you did making the flowers.

luvs2cre8 said...

AWESOME idea Sherrie!!! love it