Friday, July 22, 2011

Upcoming Copic Classes

 I just love the relaxed time of summer. It is nice not making daily runs to school and I find summer as the time of year that I can do "different" things. Here is a little look at some thing that I have been playing with in my sketch book. I took this shot of a hummingbird in spring and used it to help me with proportions and shape. I am looking forward to coloring it!

Speaking of coloring....have you noticed that there is BOTH an intermediate and standard copic class coming to Ottawa in September! Perfect timing after summer is done and kids are settled back into school. Click HERE for the complete list of copic classes running in the near future. Applications are now being accepted to the Ottawa classes.

I will also be running an intermediate class in Langley, BC October 22nd. Applications have not gone out for that yet but I wanted to let you know so that you can plan ahead.
You will have noticed that my posts have been less lately, I like to slow down over the summer as I am sure you do too. It also gives me a change to recharge my creative juices. Don't worry, I am still here....just taking a little more time with my family and enjoying the season.....

Here is another hummingbird picture for your enjoyment:


g said...

what beautiful photos & a great sketch! my daughter loves to watch the hummingbirds but we don't have such pretty greenery here in the desert!

justjan said...

What great photos - very talented lady!

Brenda said...

wow these photos are amazing!