Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Teaser Day and Copic Hair Tutorial

It is teaser time and you know what that means! It is getting close to the monthly release time at My Favorite Things! Here are a few details you should know about this month's release:
Teasers begin July 3rd and will happen every day until and including release day. You can find the list of designers for teasers each day at 11am EST on the MFT Blog.
The release party will be happening on the MFT Forums on July 7th beginning at 8pm EST (that is 5pm for us here in the pacific time zone).
Don't forget to check out our guest designer contest this month. You can find all that info in the forums HERE.
The big "Hop and Shop" day will be release day (July 7th) where you will be able to hop and see all the goodies on the designer's blogs and then do a "shop" the festivities will begin on the MFT blog.
Meet "Just for you" Jolinne.....I love the little giggle expression she has on her face. I colored her with my copic markers. I took photos of the "hair" coloring as I went for that tutorial just keep scrolling.
I paired her up with Melissa Frances papers and embellishments from the "vintage posy" collection. They seem to be a wonderful sweet match with the Jolinne images.
Notice the edge of the card? That is using the Jumbo Scallops Die-namics die. How fun to have a decorative edge.
Here is a close shot of her colored up. I colored the little pearl embellishments with my markers as well. The dress is a RV91, 95, 99 combo.
Now for the hair.....
This is the color combo I used for the hair.
I start with my base color (the lightest one) and color everything EXCEPT where I will be putting highlights. By leaving these areas white....they will see the least amount of ink as they will only be filled in at the end giving it the highlighted look.
I come in with my next darkest shade. I came in with this color about 75% so that you could still see about %25 of my base color.
My third darkest color I came in at about %50 percent. So now you should see %50 of your darkest color, %25 of your midtone and %25 of your lightest color.
Come back with your midtone color and blend the darkest line you created (the E57 line).
Now come in with your lightest color and blend the last line....STILL leaving the white areas white.
Now I come in with my lightest marker and fill in the white areas and make sure all my lines are blended.
Note: The more of this light tone you apply to the paper the more it will move your dark tones to the edges.
For the last step I take my darkest marker that I haven't used yet (E59) and my midtone marker (E53) and by touching the light tip to the dark I rub a little of that dark ink off onto my light marker. I then use this light marker to blend in some darker spot in her crown of her hair and where the deepest shadows would be. In doing this I am applying dark color and blending with my midtone color ALL IN ONE STEP. Lovingly referred to as the "tip to tip" technique.
This is also your opportunity to set it down and look to see if you need some more contrast or not....This is what I love about BUILDING color, you can always add more dark tones if you need to.
You can scroll back up to check out the finished product again.
Hope that helps you a little with your hair......us girls always need good hair tips, don't we!

See you on release day (July 7th)....I have something UBBER cute to show you!


StampOwl said...

so pretty

Simply Fresh Arts said...
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Kristii said...

Thank you for the hair coloring tutorial!!! I am going to give this a try first chance I get!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!! You rock!

Jodi Collins aka Kharmagirl said...

Thank you SO much for the tutorial on her hair! She is magnificent!!

Jessie/knightrone said...

YAYYYY for hair coloring tutorials!! Awesome pics, and your card is GORGEOUS!!

Cindy Haffner said...

Ohhhh I ADORE her!!

Melody said...

She is darling! Thank you for the tutorial. I have trouble getting hair to have the depth I would like.

Julie said...

So adorable Sherrie! The whole card is colored just perfectly! Thanks for the tutorial, I think hair is the hardest thing to color!

Barbara said...

Gorgeous, Sherrie!!

Michele Boyer said...

SOO cute, Sherrie! I **LOVE** your shading on the dress!

Lisa H. said...

thanks for the coloring lesson! looks great, gotta work on that. LOVE your card too-soo pretty!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tutorial on hair!! You could never get enough hair classes. Your card is too cute, as always.

leenda said...

Fabulous artwork! Thanks for the tutorial! I'm so hair challenged!

Kerry J. said...

Gorgeous card Sherrie!! I love your shading and your tutorial is perfect!! So happy I got to see it in person though!

Carrie-Lou Hrudey dba Petunia's Petals said...

Hi Sherrie, thank you for the great hair tutorial. I love the hair!! Just another tip to my ever-growing tip book. Since taking the certification class with you in May, I attended my first Farmer's Market this past Sunday as well as officially opened my store on Etsy. It's called "Petunia's Petals". Because I received so many compliments on my coloring, I thought I would share my link as I am very proud of the skills I gained from you not to mention all the suggestions throughout the day.



HappyCrafter said...

This is a great technique. Since you showed me this at the copic class in may I've used it a lot, and not just on hair, and it sure is making a difference in my finished results, thanks!

g said...

thanks so much for the hair coloring tutorial! can't wait to try it!! your Jolinne is just darling!!

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