Monday, November 30, 2009

Montreal Blessings

Happy Monday! I am back in my studio today playing after a fun full weekend of family events. We went to see Stuart MacLean live....he is a storyteller on CBC radio and his stories of "Morley and Dave" keep our whole family in stitches!
I do have a couple of photos from my time in Montreal to show you. This is a group photo of the last card class I taught. Many of the women who took the certification came and took a card class to put into practice what we learned in the copic certification. It was a blast! I don't have any photos of the certification or the first card only dawned on me to have a photo taken just before leaving for home! Crazy...I bring my camera with me and then get to busy that I forget to take pictures!
I was incredibly blessed to have a couple of helpers for my card classes. Nicky and Tema helped me a ton by passing out all the card parts and Nicky was helping ladies with their blending techniques. Not only did they help me with my classes but they joined me for dinner breaks and were a total delight to visit with. They really made my Montreal stay wonderful! Thank you!
Natalie is the other fabulous ingredient to this photo (standing above me), she is the store owner of Scrapbook Centale who hosted the copic certification event and classes. She was wonderful, helpful and has an awesome store and customer base. You girls rock!

Thanks to the women of Montreal....they were so gracious to the fact that I speak no french. Friendly and Delightful!


NikkiNix said...

I did the same thing... brought my camera and totally forgot about it - sheesh :(

I think Nathalie took a pic of us at tables at the start though, i remembe feelign for my camera at about 9AM and then we just got too busy and happy to think about it again.

Sandra Paul said...

Hi Sherrie

I just wanted to thank you for the nice day I had in Montreal. You was very patient and generous passing out your knowledge about Copic. Just added to my Christmas list the Air compressor and the new light copic markers

Liette alias Pixelle said...

thanks a lot to you Sherrie, I appr├ęciate so much your pr├ęsence, your smile, your humour, your talent!!! You are a generous person and I am lucky to have been in contact with you sunday...x x x

Taylor VanBruggen said...

How fun to see you!! I did a double take in that group picture thinking "Who is the tall girl in the back?...she kinda looks like me!" So I clicked on the picture to enlarge it and it's YOU! :) I think we could be sisters! Maybe we should try to fool some people at the upcoming CHA!? *grin* Love your new profile pic too! :)