Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday, Monday

Times are a changin'.....I am sure you have read about all the changes going on with Cornish Heritage Farms. I wanted to let you all know where I fall in that piece of the pie.
For the last few months I have been working with Cornish images more on the publication front rather than the monthly releases front. This has allowed me a little more time to work with the images that I am particularly drawn too....which I love! I will be continuing in this great role for CHF.

So what is changing for me? I am no longer exclusive to Cornish so I am free to work with other stamp designs. I love CHF, and you will still see a TON of that on my blog, but it also allows me the opportunity to work with other stamp designs that I love....
So you will begin to see other companies on my blog too!

I'm also posting today to let you know my blogging may be relatively sparse over the next couple of weeks as I travel to Calgary and Edmonton to do certifications and card classes! Lucky me, my family gets to come it is a bit of a vacation too!

No worries, I will be back in the full swing of things come September when my kiddos return to school.

I just finished a FABULOUS weekend at Clipper Street. The certification on Saturday was so fun...the women were awesome! The card class Sunday was the icing on the cake of my weekend! We had a great time coloring and making projects together! Thank you to Clipper Street for the use of their fabulous facility and a friendly helpful staff that made the weekend a pure joy!

I had the pleasure of meeting Carolyn Peeler on the weekend who works with Melissa Frances. She is so sweet! So I thought I would post some tags that I made using some of their fabulous paper that I have horded for a couple of years! Yup, I admit, sometimes it is hard to use supplies that are so pretty to look ever find that? It was high time I made good use of these awesome tags!
Here are the deets:
Evergreen Holiday (ATC), Night Before Christmas (Rummage Bin) by Cornish Heritage Farms
Distress Inks (Ranger)
Clear Resist Pad (Ranger)
Manilla Tag (Office Depot)
Patterned Paper Tags (Melissa Frances)
Copic Markers
Vanilla Embossing Powder

This is a close up of my favorite tag.

Whew....thanks for the listen on all my info this morning...I'm looking forward to having my hubby along on the next couple of certifications. He said he would come in and snap a couple of photos for me....I bring my camera but never get a chance to snap pictures! So hopefully I will have some to share with you in the near future!

Have a fantastic week!


Joan B said...

I would so love to take a class from you. Everything you make is gorgeous. Best of luck.

Sherrie said...

Awww Joan, you are so funny and sweet all at the same time...You need to click on this ladies blog and check out her "they're not that into you" post....I almost peed myself....

Love ya babe!

Loretta said...

Hi Sherrie

I know you are in Calgary this Sunday for a class, but are you doing Copic Certification here too?

Chris said...

Have fun with getting more time to "play"...that Christmas tag is so, so beautiful. Love that you can even see a hint of trees on the background piece. WONDERFUL!

Loretta said...

I can't find your email either, Sherrie *LOL*. Scrapbooker's didn't advertise their class as a certification or I'd have been the first one signed up. I use copic all the time already. I can't make it to Edmonton the following weekend - I'm teaching a class. Is there another certification scheduled for Alberta?

My husband told me to offer y'all dinner so, can I feed your family dinner while you are here? BBQ is always hot!

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly - safe journey!

Sherrie said...

Hi Loretta,
Seems like we are communicating via the comment box. That's ok, my email is when you click on my "profile" on my blog.....
Calgary was sold out very fast and I don't think it even hit the consumer level, it filled up with stores' staff.
I'm sure I will be back to Alberta next year (long time to wait I know). Bummer you are busy for the Edmonton that one still has room.
Thanks for the dinner offer...we have tons of family out the Alberta way that we need to visit (inbetween my insane class Thank your hubby for me....

Candy said...

Hi Sherrie,
Just wanted to say thank you for a great class on Copic Certification this past Saturday at Clipper Street. Was wonderful to meet you after looking at your awesome work for so long. Sure wish I hadn't come from the Island - would love to have joined you all on Sunday for the card class! *sigh*
Have a great time with your family visiting 'family' LOL in between your busy class shedual in Calgary. So happy to hear they can join you this time.....
Big Hugs, Candy

Cora said...

I for one will be happy to see you use other stamps than CHF. Although they are lovely I will enjoy seeing other stamps used. I own not one CHF stamp

Anonymous said...

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Tobi Crawford said...

Sherrie I had a great time in your class too! I didn't know how the class was going to go being 7 hours!! but it flew by!

I emailed CHF... we'll see! have fun in Alta..

Eulanda said...

Hello! I just wanted to thank you for the course at Clipper Street. It gave confirmation to me on a lot of things I was doing. Happy to know I was heading in the right direction. I was wondering if there was anything else we had to do to get the Copic Certification button on our blog. Am I allowed to just save the button from your blog?
Anyway, thanks again it was great!
Eulanda Silvey