Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Cafe

Mmmmm...come to my cafe and I'll gladly treat you to a coffee. A coffee set is going to be released next week at can guess how I felt about that! Woohoo! I wanted to show you a close shot of one of the mugs in my project. The pattern was created just simply by dabbing my blender pen in spots that I colored. The blender pen PUSHES color out of the way and therefore lightens.

I had this old frame kicking around and what was in it was very outdated....can you say dusty rose and country blue....
I wanted to create a fun border for my focal images so I did the "polished stone" technique on a transparency with my copic marker refills. Gotta love all those color choices. I used E33, E17, YG95, E49....mmmm....looks like a yummy coffee mix.
Here is a close shot of the mugs...each one a little different. Some I used my blender pen, others I used a marker slightly darker. I just had fun creating whatever kind of cup came to my head.
I then airbrushed my mugs with my Y21 marker to add to the warm glow.
Here are all my deets, watch for this release next week TUESDAY!
The Cafe (Shady Tree Studio) by Cornish Heritage Farms
Espresso Adiorndack (Ranger)
White (Neenah)
Spring Moss Dark (Prism)
Copic Markers
Various Refills (Copic)
Air Brush System (Copic)


Kim said...

How creative - I love that frame - it'd be so cute by my coffee pot!

Chris said...

delicious results!! Really, I love each individual mug. :)

SueB said...

t'riffic idea, and I've LOTS of cups, mugs, etc stamps - I'll post back here if I make a similar card - thanx for the inspiration! So, is this framed piece going into your kitchen?

Susan said...

This is TOO MUCH. My absolute favs of the stamp art world - birds and coffee (just like you) - and here comes a long awaited set from CHF my absolute fav of a stamp company. These sneak peeks are VERY PAINFUL (but fun) - they make the wait endless!

Karen said...

This is so cute! I'm always on the lookout for fun coffee sets (thanks to the gals who have gotten me hooked on the stuff! :>:>)

Katy said...

Love the artwork you created. Very "central perk"! Katy x

chelemom said...

This is just absolutely amazing!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!!!!

Diana said...

That is wonderful! I really need it for my kitchen (and the espresso maker that you have next to it...)

Seriously, I like how you made each cup different, and really like the colors you used. Looks like it was a fun project!

Susan (peebsmama) said...

Fantastic project. Terrific colors on your coffee images and what a great frame you re-created.

Ann said...

Fabulously cute!

Carrie said...

I love your framed art!! Those mugs are just too cute. Perfect for any kitchen decor! Thanks for the inspiration!

Michellem said...

This is fabulous!! I love all things coffee myself so it just shouted out at me!!! Repurposing an old frame is fun but using your inks on the transparencies is great! Plus airbrushing with the copics!! I won't be forgetting this project!! Great job!