Monday, May 26, 2008

CHF Challenge Chicks Altered Item and Tutorial

It is Monday, and time for another Challenge by the CHF chicks! Today it is to create an altered item. I am giving you a sneak peek of a totally NEW, REVOLUTIONARY product! First I'll show you the finished product. These are my daughter's flip flops she bought for a couple bucks at Old Navy. I created these Yo Yo buttons to go on the front, they totally give off the "cute" factor to these ordinary sandals.
Ok, now for the sneak at this new product.... Scrapblocks...yes, can you say 6x6 size of glorious red rubbah! These are going to be released June 5th at Cornish Heritage Farms. You can see many more details on Lisa Strahl's blog, since this is her baby. Many of you know I love paper and fabric, this new product is again melding these two worlds for me!
Here is a photo of the plaid scrapblock stamped on fabric with metallic ink. The fabric pieces are 61/2x61/2 square. I used my cuttlebug "B" plate to stamp the traditional way with this scrapblock. If you have the 6x6 fancy pants acrylic block that will work fabulous, and I know CHF will be carrying a new block to fit these new stamps. I will be showing you some of the MANY benefits of this size.
To make the yo yo blossoms you need a 6 inch circle of fabric.....see why size matters! I cut a six inch circle out of paper with my circle cutter (EK Success) and laid it on top of my stamped fabric and cut it out.
When you are done cutting you should have two that look like this. They don't need to be perfect because when they are all gathered up you won't see small imperfections.
Now turn your circle over and do a loose basting stitch all the way around the circle.
This is what your circle should look like when you are done.
Now you want to pull both ends and gather all the fabric up. Tie a knot securely.
I use a button to cover up the little gathered opening. I strung the ribbon through the button first and then sewed the button on with thread and attached it to the flip flop with the thread.
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Kristine Reynolds said...

Awesome project and thanks for the great tutorial too!

Dawn said...

such a fun tutorial and fabulous project! the sewing queen reigns!!

Amy said...

Hi Sherrie! Your flip flops are SO cute!

But I do have a question for you regarding the "Scrapblocks" are these different than backgrounders, other than size?????? Yours is the second blog today I've seen this 'revolutionary' new product being revealed, but I'm scratching my head trying to figure out the differences from the backgrounder. Any more light on this new product would be greatly appreciated! Tell me more of what it can do! I'm sure you've got some fun stuff up your sleeve!


Silvergirl said...

Darling flip flops! Love them!!! You can make an entire wardrobe of them to match your favorite outfits!!! Love it!

Big hugs,

Lori Craig said...

I LOVE the yoyo tutorial...I'm going to try these. I am knocking my forehead because I've thought all along that they couldn't be that hard, I just never took the time to figure it out... ADORABLE!

Mona Lisa said...

Yup, you rock. You really, really rock. Now, can you make me a pair? LOL

shel9999 said...

WOW, Sherrie!! It never EVER would have entered my mind to make flip flop embellishments! These are beyond adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! I was just wondering how to make those fabric yo-yos! Thanks for the tutorial!!

SmilynStef said...

Absolutely adorable ... I would so wear these.

Keri Lee Sereika said...

This is totally the cutest!!! I was just in Walmart and saw these type of flip flops and almost bought a pair to alter but the kids were pulling me every which I planned on going back once my mother's helper comes...and now I think I will try out your super cute idea!

Mary Dawn said...

these 6x6 backgrounders look amazing!

your projects always get my creativity flowing, thank you for sharing the inspiration

Lizette said...

Great tutorial ! TFS

Kim Hughes said...

what a wonderful tutorial. Your flip flops are wonderdul!!

Becky said...

Get out!
Those are so cute, and I love yo-yos!
(Probably from being a Project Runway fan, LOL!)
Thanks for the tut, will be trying this for sure!

Sonia said...

You did a fabulous project idea, thanks for the tutorial.
The flip flops look so cute.

Deb said...

These are adorable, love them!! Great tutorial too!!

Leslie Miller said...

This plaid backgrounder is so cool! I know I'll have to have it. Not only do I like the pattern, but I love how it could do a whole 6x6 card. I have one of the blocks to fit, too. So amazing that you made your own custom fabric with it. The new look for the flip flops is adorable!!

Jen C said...

These are fantastic - you make it look so simple! I'm echo-ing what Lori said: I'm hitting myself in the head, "Why didn't I think of that?"